What Happened to Rainierland?

What Happened to Rainierland?

What Happened to Rainierland?

What Happened to Rainierland?

Elias February 20, 2020

Rainierland is a movie piracy site that allows people to watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil Movies, and many more. You don’t need to worry about the quality of videos as it provides HD prints for all its movies. It is one of the best torrent sites throughout the globe. Well, no other site can include the latest Hollywood, Bollywood Tamil, Telugu, and many more before Rainierland. However, for adding copyright content stuff, this site gets banned in the United States by Google. You must be wondering that Rainierland has numerous viewers all through the globe, even though it has violated copyright law and is illegal. The reason behind its massive number of viewers is its features. Some of these include – it is free, offers HD quality, an extensive collection of dramas, films, seasons, and many more, it’s user-friendly, no need for card or registration details, and what more.

What Happened to Rainierland?

Well, now you must be wondering what happened to Rainierland? We’ll clear all your doubts regarding this. Here you go –

The man who was running this site, ‘Rainer Tamayo’, got arrested for operating a pirated website in the year 2016. So, after all this is happening, people started thinking now what will happen with the site. Will it keep on running, or will it shut off. Then, this site stayed unused. Then after some time, it put a stop to stream videos online. These days individuals are thinking whether the site is running unlawfully. Of course, Rainierland, just like other pirated websites like a torrent, is an illegal site that uploads videos that aren’t owned by them. In addition to this, they don’t even establish their video stuff. However, this doesn’t imply that somebody will arrest you or you are committing a crime by viewing a film on this site. This is not the case. Without any worry, anybody can watch films on Rainierland.

Simple Ways to Watch Movies on Rainierland

Well, we know that you must be excited to watch movies online, and that would be free of cost, of course, so we did thorough research and came up with a solution to enjoy movies on Rainierland. But, for that, you need to read further.

Well, you already are aware that it is a pirated site, and that isn’t legal at all. So, it has to encounter numerous blocks for piracy factors. And because of all this, various international places can’t make use of Rainierland. Well, if you want to enter this site, you need to follow some steps –

Method for Mobile

  • You need a VPN to differ your location to start. You can use any one of the VPN applications on your android phone.
  • Select the situation other than the US after putting in the VPN application and opening it. Then you need to check the IP tackle.
  • After all, this, open the Rainierland’s official site if the IP tackle is customized. Now, you can enter the Rainierland site and pick any movie to watch.

Method for Desktop

  • You need to use the Chrome browser if you want to make use of a desktop. Here, you need to make arrangements for a VPN extension.
  • TunnelBear is one of the options you can use.
  • Connect with the situation other than the US after putting in Set up VPN. It is effortless to use, and it doesn’t need any registration.
  • After all, open the Rainierland’s official site after connecting to the new IP, and then you can watch your favorite movies.

Well, now you know how to use Rainierland on your smartphone or desktop. However, if you want alternatives similar to Rainierland, then there are great sites where you can view films or series free. There are always vast numbers of people who discover alternatives for Rainierland. So, for users’ convenience, we’ve jotted down a list of alternatives like Rainierland.

  1. New movies
  2. It is one of the best film websites. The site was earlier familiar with the name New movies, but now it merely redirects to the website moviestreaner.cc. To make your life pleasant and enjoyable, this website merely provides exciting and fantastic video stuff when you get bored from the daily routine. Whenever you view TV shows or films, no ads will appear in between your movie.

  3. Solarmovie
  4. Permitting you to watch your most-loved favorite TV shows and films, Solarmovie is one of the fantastic alternatives for Rainierland. You’ll be glad to know this fantastic thing that there is no need for any registration, which makes it different from other sites, and you can watch HD quality movies free of cost. It has a user-friendly interface and has a search bar where you can discover shows and movies whatever you like. The new proxy sites for Solarmovie include solarmovies.pl, solarmoviez. To, solarmovie.net, thesolarmovies.co, and solarmovie.ms.

  5. Fmovies
  6. Without any doubt, this website is well-known among users. It is fantastic for streaming and updates the excellent quality of the latest films and shows always. Fmovies broadcast shows and films in different languages. It has various extensions, which include Fmovies.ls and Fmovies.cab.

  7. MovieFlixter
  8. MovieFlixter is a perfect choice to watch films if you want a site where there isn’t any need for sign-up or making an account or anything else. This site provides links through which you can watch HD quality movies free of cost and doesn’t offer movies for downloading.

  9. Watch Free
  10. This is one of the most unique websites in all the websites available on the web. As the name suggests, it is entirely free to watch without any cost. In addition to this, this website gets updated for great user-experience to discover all the films. You can get different areas of entertainment on this site, which incorporates feature movies, thrillers, comedy movies, and what more you can’t even imagine.

Wrapping it up

Well, there is no doubt in accepting that Rainierland is a movie piracy website that is unlawful. However, it provides vast numbers of features, and many people still get entertained by watching movies here only. You can go for alternatives for Rainierland, which are listed above as all are best in some and the other thing if you don’t want to use this site.

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